Request: Simple command line (legacy) w/o buttons

Overall I really am enjoying the new interface and it seems to be getting better by the day. However I prefer a more austere modeling environment and wanted to know if there was any chance you could add an option for a simple command line, the HUD is too in the way, and the tool palette + command line seems like an odd forced coupling at least for my use. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Sorry, no, the inscrutable command line is not coming back. Your choices will be the command options either in the sidebar or in a popup dialog.

I completely understand that decision, and get why the GUI methods is implemented. I suppose at my advancing age I am a stickler for old methods. Appreciate the response.

For the sake of others that read this thread, I want to point out that all the typing shortcuts that Windows Rhino users might have used also work with the Mac version.

As an example, when running the Polyline command, you can type

m <return>

to toggle the polyline style between arc and line. No need to click the radio button to change the option.