New user, command line won't input?

Hi folks, thanks in advance for the help. I’m new to Rhino (ie, less than 10 hrs on it) and have been working through the tutorials with some success. I just upgraded to the newest version (2013-11-13) and now even though my keystrokes show up on the command line, they don’t seem to have an effect. For example, when I enter a distance for a line (say, 2) and hit enter it doesn’t complete that command but just highlights the entry in the command line. This didn’t happen yesterday when I was working on the previous version.

Thoughts? I’m not too computer-savvy so explain to me as if I was about 10 years old.

I’m on an iMac from about 2010 (3GHz Intel Core i3) running OS X 10.8.5


I’m not seeing that.
I started a Line and picked a start point.
Then I typed 2 and Enter. The line is constrained to a length of 2 as expected.
I pick a new point to show it the direction, and a line 2 units long is created in the implied direction.

What are you doing differently?

JTN is probably using the legacy command line option, and pressing Return with that option set was inadvertently broken by and OS X Mavericks fix. As a workaround, press SPACE instead of Return.

Ah yes, the spacebar seems to work. I’ve also found that by playing around with Rhino>Options>Legacy I can get a pop-up dialog box that works well, although not quite as sleek as the command line. Thanks folks! I’ll report back if there are more issues . . .