Request: Print Organizer

Adding a Layout Panel to deal with multiple layouts is excellent, but the next step missing is to control the output of those layouts. As far as I know, there is no way to batch print multiple layouts in Rhino. Printing all layouts one by one with every revision becomes a bottleneck in the workflow, especially on larger projects.

A useful precedent is the Print Organizer function in Bentley’s Microstation. You can load multiple layouts from multiple files and centrally set up things like paper size, scale, etc.

Imagine you are preparing a drawing set for house construction. You might have plans drawn in one file, sections in another, details in the third one. Each of these files would have multiple layouts inside (ground floor, first floor, window details, door details, etc.). With print organizer, you could load all the layouts in these three files and batch print them. If a revision is needed, you make the changes in the files, reopen the same print organizer list and press print to have a new set of drawings printed.

Maybe your client needs only the plans and sections, but no details. You could create a separate print organizer list for that purpose and quickly print out the most recent design whenever the client asks for it.

In Bentley’s Microstation, the Print Organizer is an embedded function in the software. But it saves the lists externally in .pset files. BIM software packages usually keep these lists inside the files they were created in.

Screenshot of Bentley’s Print Organizer attached.

Thank you, John.

I believe this Rhino-specific Print Setup is limited to Windows. In Mac, _Print command opens a default system print menu that is lacking production-specific print parameters, such as the dash and comma operators highlighted in your image. Also, you can only select one page size for the whole batch print. This means that if you have layouts in different formats (e.g. one in A1, another in A4, etc.) they will all be printed in one size (e.g. all in A1). That might be the case in Windows as well, not sure.