Request for VRay category

With all due respect to all of the other Renderererers for Rhino, I would like to see a VRay Category.


How should McNeel address problems in V-Ray seeing as they don’t create the software?

Corrolary would also be that there needs to be a category for every other third-party plug-in for Rhino…


Wow, I totally see both sides of this. I love V-Ray and want more coverage, but hey, what if every plug-in had its own section? It could get damn messy. I’ll stay on the fence.

I just created a V-Ray subcategory under Rendering. We’ve had several other plug-ins as subcategories and it doesn’t really get very messy.

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But the support team will be at the chaosgroup forum only. I see no reason why not use this one only.

Support team may be at Chaos Group, but I think this forum has a higher concentration of users of the Rhino variant of Vray than anywhere else. I’ve been to the chaos forum and it is mostly Vray for 3DSmax users. Michael VS

Maybe one of their support team could be convinced to monitor this category… Might be good business for them, too.


There is a Vray for Rhino forum with a few sections where I see Rhino user only. I’m not a fried of talking about the same at different places.

Yes please.
Chaos Group forums are considerably less helpful than are the McNeel forums, in terms of easily recognizable updating of threads, ease of navigation, notifications, and as has been mentioned earlier, posting.
As a recent V-Ray convert (I love it BTW) I have found the lack of good Rhino specific information, both on and outside the forums, to be the greatest frustration. The software functions quite differently version to version, and platform to platform, and there seems to be little advice that crosses over from one to the other. It would be nice to have a focused group of users closer to home.