Best forum to log questions about new Vray for Rhino?

is there an offical forum where I can log questions regarding new Vray for Rhino?
Chaosgroup have released a few video tutorials but I still have loads questions…

There is an official forum here:

It doesn’t get much traffic and I’ve had mixed fortunes in terms of getting answers to questions. If there are other forums I’d certainly be very interested in finding them - learning V-Ray feels like banging your head against a wall sometimes.

tell me about it!

They have some documentation that is not easily found. Check out this link at Chaos Group.

The last I heard, they had decided against creating a manual. They were also developing series of videos (and I was helping) but those have also stopped indefinitely, after version 3 was released. I saw one webinar since release, but I was not impressed.

If you can ‘read between the lines’ I have done a few full lynda/LinkedIn classes for V-Ray for Rhino in the older version 2.0. I specifically made great efforts to simplify and streamline their mess of an interface. (Version 1 & 2 were unnecessarily painful. Version 3 is significantly better, but still needs more support materials … in my opinion.)

You can also write directly to tech support for specific questions. They are quite good at getting back to you. Some features exist that are not documented or easily found, so practice patience.

So, to answer your question about V-Ray forums … this is the best one I have found, and its not even by the Chaos Group. They should fix that.

Thank you again Dave for all your help…

Has there even been a statement on the status of the Baltimore Office?

Mmm… Since a few weeks all answers on the forum are from Peter Chaushev

My impression is the most power users are gone since they are not heared anymore and the development process is so slow and not connected with the users.

I’d agree with that. I now feel that most of my beta testing feedback was not implemented and/or appreciated.

Where are they going? There are so many rendering options available now it’s hard to keep track.

It was a smart move from Chaos Group to merge with Corona renderer team.

I did not hear this … and so here is the press release I missed.

Announcement at D2 Conference.

So, if you work for a company that is merging or ‘re-structuring’ … get your resume ready.

For example one is gone to use Octane for anything. Other like I stick on VfR2. I use Octane for product animations (fastest AO mode only) since it’s faster than Vray. Maybe VfR3 could do the job too, but it’s to buggy.

There was a great power user community (also beta testing), but after all the wasted time they doesn’t post anymore - to much ignored suggestions and to much unsolved bugs/issues. Rhino users are third class users of Vray only. Chaosgroup has overseen that happy users are the best for selling a software.

Good for chaosgroup - Vray is the best solution for interiors. So, I don’t see an alternative for fast high quality interior renders at Rhino. VfR2 was/is rock solid.

Anyway, rfollett,

I believe users here on McNeel forum can answer many of your potential questions, feel free to ask whenever you need anything. :slight_smile:


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