V-Ray resources, forum?

I’m continually frustrated by the lack of community for Rhino V-Ray. The forum at Chaos is largely unattended and I can’t post there anyways until I send an email to Chaos to get permission.

I’m wondering if anyone here who uses V-Ray knows of a better source for information or if there is a more active forum somewhere. Currently I’m working on a project with 2.0 and I notice that the Roughness parameter is no longer a numerical scale under diffuse, it’s been replaced and I have no idea of how to set roughness now and no place to ask the question.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

P. S. Sorry - I thought I posted this in the Rendering forum. I don’t think I can move it there myself so if a moderator sees this can you kick it over there? Thanks.

Hi arail,

By far the best resource for Rhino/Vray is https://flyingarchitecture.com/. It is is free to sign up and it has lots of free materials.

Please do register at Chaosgroup’s forum, it cost you nothing and you’ll be set up in less than a day (and you’ve been complaining about this for a couple of weeks).
I read the forum five days a week and will answer if I know the answer.
I think the message to Chaosgroup was clear and we will see if there’s questions left unanswered.