Trouble rendering wood grain

Is there a straightforward example of rendering wood grain in Rhino8? Having trouble making anything work and seems all the previous topic questions are 2 or 3 years old. Is there a tutorial somewhere?

hi @Joe4 what’s the goal? Solid wood or veneer? What do you need to turn into wood?

Just a simple box that represents a wooden board. Solid wood. When I try to import a texture from the materials library it claims it is incomplete because it can’t find a jpg. For example
I’m running Rhino8 on Win 10.

You should try running the command _DownloadLibraryTextures, then try reimporting a material from the materials library.

Thanks. After doing that and watching a youtube video by Tom Budd I’m making a little progress. How would I have known I had to download those textures?

You shouldn’t have to - typically Rhino will automatically download files. But for some reason that wasn’t happening. This command ensures you get all textures for the material library in one go.