Request: Change Tag default

Hi there!

We would love to be able to use tags to designate simple information for elements. Most notably to note fire escapes for windows and doors, if we could change the tag default of a specific style from “ %<element. tag >% ” to something like “Fire Exit” or “FE” or whatever we’d choose, then we could have tags applied to the specific windows instead of our current solution of manually applying text on the plans. Changing the tag default could also be super practical for a variety of applications, for example to denote window size, which is currently super cumbersome to do for more than one or two windows currently.


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@rheinason Thanks for these suggestions. We take note of them for the future development. Actually they were already in the wishlist!

Another wish for Tags: The ability to align to object:

This is especially useful in tight corners or places where there is a lot of information in a small space.

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Roi, there is already an “Orientation” parameter for tags. Do you mean that?

Me and my bad eyes, thanks!

Being able to adjust the amount of offset when creating the tag would be super helpful.

Tags within grasshopper would be excellent, but might be a technical challenge? We often have to mark doors by their width like so:

Where M9 is equal to a door measuring 900mm in width. A way of automating this would save quite a bit of time when doing larger projects.

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Hi Roi,

In the Format field you can specify the information about the tagged element that you want to display:

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Yes, but this is not correct as far as our drawing standards go, in your example it should say M12, which would be a treat to automate in grasshopper.

Also being able to input that format within the style instead of by object would also ease this aspect.

You are right. I will add those to the list of features for a future version!
Thanks for the suggestions.


Wall tags often have lines connecting the tag to the wall. And window/door tags should be visible in elevation views as well as plan.

Grasshopper based tags would be really helpful.


I’d really like a function that combines a Leader and a Tag!

Some of this features related to tags have already been reported, so I will add your votes!



Hi @rheinason, the new VisualARQ 2.11 includes the option to display custom parameters in tags. In order to do so, you need to write the following syntax in the tag content: %<element.parameters[“ParameterName”]>%
You can see an example on the blog post: VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ