Tag question

I made a tag to show the slab style and area, but there are a few things I would like to add to it that I am not sure how to do;

  1. I would like to add a background to the tag so it shows up better
  2. I would like to round the area calculation to one decimal point
  3. I would like for the are to be below the style, instead of to the side

This is the format I used for this tag %<element.style.name>% %<element.area>%
Is there a way to put this in a tag automatically without have to paste it in the format each time?

Any help you can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi @seflorance

  1. This is not possible right now. We will add this request for the wishlist.

  2. The number of decimals is taken by the Document Units decimal precision. You can edit that from the Document Properties:

  3. Unfortunately, tags don’t support multiline data yet. This is also planned for future versions.

  4. In future versions, you will be able to define the information displayed in tags by tag styles. So you won’t need to copy-paste the tag format to each tag but just chose one tag style or another.

I’ll let you know when any of these features come true.

Hi @seflorance I’m glad to inform you we have released VisualARQ 2.11, which includes the option to display tag data on multiple lines. In order to do so, just add \n in the Tag syntax, whenever you want to add a line break.

Check more details here: VisualARQ 2.11 available - VisualARQ

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