Tag automatic

some can tell me if it’s possible to assign the " %<element.tag>% " or other directly to the tag style?

Like this when i put a window or door and make tag it will give me the text automaticly.
Thank you very much

Hi Hugues,
This is not possible now, but it’s planned in future versions. I’ll let you know when this feature is available.



-“Auto tag, when creating object”
-Changing default ‘Format’ of the tag object

would be great.

Hi @ahmet.unveren,

Do you mean that a Tag object (_vaTag) is created each time you insert a VisualARQ object? Or that VisualARQ objects get the Tag field automatically filled with a default value?
You can add a value for the Tag field while you are inserting VisualARQ objects:

Ok. We will consider setting the tag format by Tag Style properties.

This is the condition which I need that automatization:

@ahmet.unveren ok we will study this option.