Repositioning the C Plane ( + object )

Is there a way to have an object lock itself to the current C Plane, and then get moved into a new position via a change in the C Plane settings.

I reposition the C Plane fairly often, and occasionally I follow that up by moving an object into the position it was in, in the previous C Plane setting.

If I could get both to change at the same time that would be great, both in terms of accurate model positioning, and also efficiency and convenience.

Take Care,


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Hi Jim - yes, but in reverse - MPlane allows you to attach a CPlane to an object. I find it is more useful if I do not use the automatic update (Default) and instead update it manually as needed, but you’ll see what works for you.


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Thank You, Simon and Pascal !!!

I’ll have to wait until tonight to explorer the ideas which you showed me… lunch break is over for now.

I’ll report back on all the excitement later this evening.

For whatever reason, I’ve made a great leap in terms of my ability to use Rhino in the last few days. I’ve been at it for a while… and I’m finally getting off of the ground and heading up the ladder.

The excitement level is higher now than ever, and there’s still a lot or discovery left to do. . .

Thanks for helping me out, Take Care,