Remapping Panels to CPlane

Hey guys, this is a tedious process. So no remapping to cplane would work so I use a manual 3point reorienting of the pieces with copy on. Is there a smarter way? maybe even to have all elements automatically numbered. Wanted to nest them afterwards and maybe CNC mill the numbers into the plates as well. Dimensions height as an orientation for the chair is ca. 1,3m

Thank you!


remember the tack command within Modo where you pick a surface and click on the cplane and it will automatically orient the object to the new location with the surface aligned to the cplane or target objects surface

Hi @hannesgrebin

Maybe the final post in this thread, is what you are looking for?

HTH, Jakob

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Didnt’ work :frowning:

Try this -

! _CPlane _Object _Pause _RemapCPlane Pause _CPlane Top _CPlane _Undo

If you put the repeat character (*) in front it will just keep going:

*_CPlane _Object _Pause _RemapCPlane Pause _CPlane Top _CPlane _Undo

V5: CPlane Previous
V6: CPlane Undo


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Hey @pascal this one works much better! (_Undo for v6 did maybe the trick)

Some issues you might can help to solve

‘Undo’ won’t reset CPlane

How can I control how the panels would be remapped. As I would like to pick the front with the number and remap them all in a same orientation with the numbered side on top.
Has this something to do with the direction of the polysurface?

Thanks so much! This is def a great helper!!!


OK here is my workflow, will group, copy and paste and lock the whole chair (you don’t need to, but as a reference) then I will click on the number (which will grouped to a panel) to set the CPlane and then everything should be remapped beautifully. thank you so much @pascal that you are always there with us. <3


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