Replicate structure from Buga Fibre Pavilion


If I were to try to replicate something like this:

what would be a good starting point for me? I’ve used rhino for over a year but I’m new to grasshopper. So what I’m looking for is good tutorials, plugin recommendations etc that could help me create something similiar to the image.

Thanks in advance.

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I made an attempt to create the first and second step of the image above. This is how far I’ve come.

What I can’t figure is how to get the curves to behave in the right way. Right now they’re just taking the shortest possible way to the points. What I want them to do is sort of spiral around, if that makes any sense. Anyone has any idea of how I could achieve that? I’ll include the script aswell. buga pavilion (18.0 KB)

Thanks in advance.

  • look for hyperboloid structures to start with (general shape)
  • looks like the shape you get when making a wire model with stockings (tensile structure)
  • find the geodesic lines on the surface (But how I don’t know at the moment)
  • Did the research group publish any papers on this project?
Third video from top, i think you should see how its made irl.

I too am attempting to make a similar skin for a structure I made with the multipipe tool in Rhino 7… I started by following a tutorial on making a weave but I am having trouble getting it to apply to my geometry. @holjman.s have you made any progress?

Here is what I have so far: Mesh Weave (29.9 KB)