Replace list item with branch content

This topic is about replacing list items with their branch content.

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I have a trick I wanted to share, since I think this is a common problem that took me a bit to figure out and I couldn’t find a solution on the forums for.
You can use this method to replace data with the tree branches they correspond with. You need to know the branch path for the input data (see one method below) and do the following:

If you have Excel data brought in to Grasshopper, where the Excel sheet corresponds to X and the individual table columns to Y, this creates the following a tree with data structure {X;Y}.

You can use this to search for data in the table with a known value, for instance, you could use the first item (cell) in the first column to set the table name. You can use this to match data with.

Replace list item with branch (22.9 KB)

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