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Hi All,

I am looking to use the items in the branches of a tree to replace the items in the branches of another tree.

If you see the image below, items in the branches of L1 are populated with the branch numbers of L2. But I need to populate L1 with the items in the branches of L2 similar to my scribbles in the image below. There are 1, 2, or 3 items that might repeat on L1 and this is why L1 has 51 branches and L2 has 30.

Hope that is clear enough for some direction, I also attached a GH file with internalized data.

List - Branch (6.5 KB)

I might have understood what you’re trying to do, but I don’t see several of the L2 brances from which data should be taken…

for instance:
L1 branch 311 should take data from L2 branch 23, but branch 23 does not exist in L2?

as far as I have understood the problem, this looks to me like the a full list of missing branches from L2:


-I might also be completely wrong :+1: -

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Yeah I provable should elaborate a bit more.

Items on list L1 are grid intercepts (so a column lives in each item). But in some cases there is a column on top of another (similar to first floor / second floor).
Items on L2, are the W shapes. So in some cases the items in L1 might repeat because its the same W shape on top of another. That is why there are more items on L1 than on L2.
For example - Item in branch 11 from L2 should populate branch {7 and 1321} in L1. If something doesnt match such as L2 branches {4 and 23} I am trying to disregard those or dispatch to record what didnt match.

this uses Metahopper to wrap/unwrap data and involves really a lot of suffering…

“much easier solutions this forum will show you”

List - Branch (19.6 KB)

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Yoo haha may the force be with you :pray:
This plug in is going to save me a lot of headaches.


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