Replace items in tree

how to make this work? The replace path component seems to be satisfied but I don’t get the replaced points in the new tree (51.0 KB)

The replace paths is typically two flat lists going into S R

So points into the Data existing tree is {0}…{1}

then S is flat list of

and R is


the paths would then be replaced.

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@Rickson ah thanks, I totally interpreted this component wrong. So how do I replace branch items similarly to the replace items in flat list, do you know that?

Nothing super clean that i can think of. It’s still early monday and i’ve only had one cup of coffee tho…

I now solved it this way, but it feels a bit wrong to have to flatten the tree in order to replace items:

You can remove the selected branches in the original tree and add those new branches.


@Dani_Abalde perfect, thanks!

Nice performance!
Thank you, Richson!