Replacing list values, linking value to index

Hello Everyone,

Thank you in advance for viewing my post.

I’m currently trying to figure out how to replace the values in the list above, with the value in the list below, using the first value as the index reference.

For example, in the first list, index 2=7, and in the second list, 2=22.5.
Essentially, what I would like in the end is 2=22.5.

The list do not have the same amount of items.

I’m sure that this is probably a very easy problem to solve, but I just can’t figure it out at the moment.

Linking Values To (27.7 KB)

Have a try with Replace Items.

Linking Values To (31.0 KB)

Hi HS_Kim,

Thank you for your speedy reply.
Replace Items certainly does what I’m asking for, but only for a single value.

I think I forgot to clarify that I would like that replacement to happen to all items on the table, as each value in the first table refers to a specific index reference in the second, so it would go something like this:

0:30 => 0:22.5
1:19 => 1:36.5
2:7 => 2:22.5

and so on.

I was wondering if you happen to know other ways in which this would be possible?

Thank you again for your reply!

?..Your second list
If you’d like to replace the whole items with second list, then why not just use second only?

Is this what you are looking for? Just use List Item.

Hello HS_Kim,

Thank you again for your reply. It’s been solved below!

Hi Adam_M,

Thank you, you’re right, it’s is that component!
I guess I was over-thinking things a little too much :smile:

Thank you for your efforts and for providing the solution!

Edit: This definitely did what I wanted with the list, but not what I wanted within the larger script. But thank you for letting me move forward with my R&D work!