Repeatable crash -> can someone confirm?

Hi ,

when opening this file and trying to delete one of the saved views, my machine is crashing every time !

crashtest-02.3dm (418.1 KB)

opened it in R7 WIP and there it seems to be stable…

can someone confirm ?



I seem to be able to delete all the named views without a crash… I’m on the latest V6 RC - (6.19.19274.11061, 01-Oct-19)

Thanks !
Version 6 SR19
(6.19.19274.11061, 01.10.2019) same version here… I wonder if this is something related to one of my render plugins… enscape / v-ray / octane

OK… this is odd ! It is not something with the file -> just found out that Rhino is now crashing everytime I delete aview … also in other files :astonished:

Hello - I’d block/disable the plug-ins that you mentioned in Options > Plug-ins page and then restart Rhino and see if the behavior changes - if it works correctly without these, load each of the plug-ins one by one and test - see if you can find which one is the bad guy.


Thanks Pascal, just did that -> enscape is the culprit ! -> will inform them !