Bug: Deleting named views crashes rhino

I attached a rhino file with some views saved.
When I open the namedviews panel and try to delete any one of them, rhino crashes.

Any solution or fix?

Version 6 SR19 / Windows
(6.19.19295.1001, 10/22/2019)

deleting named views crashes rhino.3dm (112.2 KB)

Hello - that works OK here, but I do not have Vray or Enscape - I guess I’d block VRay and Enscape in Options > Plug-ins, then close and restart Rhino and see if the problem persists.


most probably related to vray. I unloaded the plugin, and some views don’t show up anymore.

I am having this same problem with Enscape installed, was able to see an error on the cmd that read something like:

‘error in nameddisplay pipeline’


‘error in display pipeline’

can confirm that with Enscape unloaded the named views that were saved in rhino disappear, seems that Enscape ‘steals’ the named views when it operates on a file…

It has been fixed with the latest enscape release

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Thanks mate, it is true, it is fixed.