Repeat HumanUI component associated with list length

Hi there,

I have a list of programs, that can increase or reduce in number, and I want to associate a color picker to each program.
Because I don’t know how many programs there are, the way I solved this was by creating many color pickers and then dispatch the amount matching the program list length. (see in attachment).
Now, I wonder if there is a more clean way to do this, where there is only one Color picker component in the script but showing one color picker per program in the window.
Any help is welcomed! :slight_smile:
Repeat HumanUI (42.9 KB)

This is one of the simplest way to do it

Repeat HumanUI (11.1 KB)

It wasn’t the solution I was looking for, but actually you made me rethink and look to the right direction :grinning:

The solution goes throw set as default color in the color picker as many items as you have in program names. Afterwards, the user can customize those colors in the window.


HumanUI 1 component to many (11.6 KB)

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