HUMAN UI WISH : More advanced Text display

I can’t find the trick to display a variable number of text lines with different color settings.
Like the “Create Label” component, but allowing to create multiple labels from a list of strings, each with a specific color.
The “Create Text Block Component” also only accepts a single color.

The goal here is to make a legend for a 3D view :

I guess I could use a chart, but I’d only need the legend…

EDIT : Pulling my hair out right now with MarkDown text…

Like this?

My text is dynamic, so this would have to work through the “Set label Contents” component, which it doesn’t.

You can’t have dynamically created components in HUI. You’re better off creating a load of text blocks/labels and then hiding those that you don’t need dynamically:

Also your method as shown wont work because you’re trying to set the contents of one label with a tree of four different texts - one label cant shown four things at the same time. You’d need to have four labels in the first place.

Thanks for trying to help, but you’re just telling me what I already know.
This is why I included the word “WISH” in the title of my post.
Isn’t it frustrating that you can’t dynamically display a bunch of colored text in an interface ?
Your hack does not work here because I need specific colors to be assigned to my texts, not some subset of a gradient.

If only I could make a snapshot of the “Legend” component and use it with Human UI’s “Create Image” / “Set Image” components.
Checked in Metahopper, but you can only capture the whole canvas…

I’m not really sure what you’re looking for here then. I get that your post was a wish, but until that wish comes true, it read like you might want some help achieving your goal. This is primarily a forum for helping others out in that regard. Also as I understand it HUI in its current form isn’t being upgraded, so you might be waiting around a long time for your wish,

As for my ‘hack’, I don’t see how this doesn’t achieve your goal. If the text is to be dynamic but the colours specific then just adapt my script to suit. I assume you have a fixed number of (maybe four?) titles but you want the text within those to be dynamic? In which case just blend my two ‘hacks’ together and you can do that.

It may not be ideal but HUI is a pretty awesome free platform developed and supported by one individual. It can quite often do what you want, you just have to be creative with it.

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Errr… OK.
Don’t get all excited.
I’ll try to hack your hack and see if I can display the text I want with the color I want.
I think it is legitimate to make such a wish ; then if Andrew doesn’t have the time, i’ll just take my pills and try to forget.
My example was quite self-explanatory though : depending on which block I display in the 3d viewer, I will obviously end up with different numbers of sub blocks, and therefore different numbers of text to display.

It works. Thanks Matt.