Update parameter in Human UI using two buttons taking a lot of time

Hi all,
I am trying to update multiple value listeners using two update buttons. For a short list of data, it is possible but for a long list of data, it is taking a lot of time.

Is there any way I can update multiple Human UI value listeners using two buttons within less time?

Thanks a lot.
TwoUpdateButtons.gh (29.2 KB)

The file and screenshots are attached herewith!

Was having a hard time understanding your question but after opening your file I see that you are setting both a Listbox and Textbox with a list of 10,001 items. A few comments:

  • Not sure what use case would require you to have 10,001 items in a list box. In fact I would find this to be incredible bad User Experience in pretty much any situation, you’d have to be pretty creative to convince me otherwise (open to listening) – if you are looking for a way to have users select a number along a stepped range, I would suggest a slider with a range of 0 to 1 with a set step size, and a value Label alongside it with a multiplier to achieve the range you are looking for. Right click the Create Slider component to see what kind of properties you can adjust. If you present a compelling use case I could add a Step Size input to the Set Slider component if that was something that vastly improves your user experience
  • Setting the Textbox with 10,001 values is close to useless, as it will only display the last item of content in the list, as it is not designed to display list contents
  • Your Textbox isn’t connected to Add Elements so you won’t see it anyway, so it’s just dragging you definition down without doing anything
  • Passing two boolean values into the Manual Update input of a Value Listener causes it to execute twice. Use an “Or Gate” before passing into the Value Listener to ensure only one value gets passed in.
  • In general, I would advise against adding multiple wires to a single input. Using a Merge component is much cleaner and allows for quick and easy refactoring

Hope this helps!



@marcsyp thanks a lot your advice really helped me and it solved the problem :slight_smile:

The reason why I am using such a long list is, I have a program that computes distances between multiple points of a single layer and I have to implement this technique in proceeding the calculations further.

It is just an example to reflect my original work I had to used such a list in the file provided in my first comment.

And yes! I am having lack of experience in Grasshopper plus Human UI because I just started working on it without the relevant background but I hope with the help of this platform and with the help of such wonderful and helpful people like you, I will learn and gain the expertise in this domain.

Thank you once again :slight_smile:

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