Inserting multiple texts deriving form a listener in Human UI

Hi everyone, on Human UI I am trying to insert multiple text items deriving from the value listener so put in a Set textblock component to the text bock.
However, I am not seeing the text block but only the first item…
I also tried it with Label and got the same resut.
Des anyone know how to do this?

You cannot dynamically add / remove elements to a human UI window, however you can have multiple lines in a single label:

Hi Andrew, thanks for your reply and for this great plugin.
The only thing that worked was to predefine the amount of elements in the original text block as “ghosts” while the content was fed to the "set text block as it takes data from from a UI slider.
Next problem is that I cannot link the amount of elements in UI to the “list length” because that is a derivative of the UI slider and causes a clash.
Isn’t there a way to solve this problem of needing listeners and sets so that the detection is done automatically? I feel it is a real pain point for using the plugin that takes up 80% of the time.