Repeat Command Setting



Ok I’ve Googled and poked around in preferences but can’t find a way to force the previous command to automatically repeat. Is there a way to do this? Where this would be of use is when you’re filleting a mess lines or surfaces. Currently you pick the second line or surface, the fillet is formed, then you right click for the menu, pick last command, left click, and restart. I think the windows version automatically repeats the previous command on right click and the menu is under the middle button. Is there a way to do the same in the Mac version?




Create an alias and add an asterix in front of the command, like so:


push the spacebar


If you have a lot of one type of command to do - like fillets or lines or something - you might also want to try:

! _Repeat then type or invoke the command you want… Will keep on repeating without right click, spacebar or anything else until you hit two enters or escape…



Many thanks, Jeff and Mitch’s are spot on what I was after.