How to black list certain commands from "repeating last command" on hitting space?

This is a feature I remember from using Rhino for Windows many years ago.

There used to be a setting where one could blacklist certain commands from being activated by the “repeat last used command” function when hitting the space bar.

I would like to exclude “Choose option ( Extents Selected 1To1 )_Extents” among a few others from being repeated as I just use a hotkey for such commands and rather want the last “hard” command to be repeated on hitting the space bar when in a session.

I cannot find this setting (having worked the night through and on a coffee high I very well may have overlooked it).

Cheers for any hint where I can find this one in a hurry :wink:

In Rhino for Windows:

Options > General > Command lists > Never repeat these commands

Yes David, that is how I remember it from the old Windows version I used to use many moons ago.
Unfortunately the Mac version has a different options design.

I looked already at the Alias lists,
the command profiles (no exclusion list available as far as I can find),
the command editor (which curiously also does not allow an exclusion during repeat),
the preferences, up and down.

My gut tells me this feature is not implemented in a GUI (yet) with Rhino for Mac ?

I really hope the feature is there and would let me exclude a few commands, please :wink:

Correct, there is no Preferences>General section as there is in in Windows. --Mitch

FYI, this is still on our TODO list (MR-2382) …just to add confusion to the issue, the 5.2 update (coming soon) will have a Preferences > General section (as can be seen in the latest RhinoWIP), but it will not (yet) contain the Do Not Repeat settings.

Sorry for the delay. I agree this would be nice to have.


Thanks Dan for letting us know.
I don’t need to chew my fingernails, not finding a way to set this then.

This is indeed a feature that makes the actual repeat last command much, much more streamlined and useful in working.