Repath all links

I just set up a new network and moved my hard drive to a network location.

Can I re-path every link in the rhino file automatically?

Previously, the file path was:

E:\My Documents\textures\wood.jpg

I need to repath it so that every linked file location would have the prefix:


so the new path would be:

\\Computer-1\e\My Documents\textures\wood.jpg

It also appears that the colon is removed from the drive letter

I also have a lot of maxwell render materials and images in the rhino file, would be great if those could be re-pathed as well.

The “Missing image files” window pops up for me, but I can only browse for a replacement file one by one, and it does not extend to the maxwell linked materials or images.

I can “copy all”, to get the link location for every single one, but this is not helpful if I wanted to use the browse for a replacement file function, and then paste the link in, and add the prefix, which would save a lot of time if I could get the maxwell links to show up and then be repathing possibly something like 100 files or more.

Hello - see if adding one or more paths to Options > Files > Search paths does anything useful.


Thank you. I’ll try that.

Also, for the maxwell plugin, there is a feature I discovered, I will try this out to see if it works: