Relink Textures/ Add search path

I have some vrml geometry I imported into rhino and I’m looking for a quick way to repath the location of the texture maps for all the imported geometry. Is there anyway to achieve this in v5?

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Press the “Render” button - you should get a dialog box up with all of the missing textures. If you then press the “i” button for each of those, it will give you the option to picking a new image. You can do this for all of the textures that are missing.

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You can try to add their folder to the search path under Options->Rhino Options->Files->Search Paths

I noticed the option to relink textures right before rendering, but I have about 800 pieces of geometry that need to be relinked. Also it seems like the search paths doesn’t really do much after pointing to the directory and relinking 1 texture. Any other ideas?

Does that also work for Vray materials? (can’t test myself right now…)

Is there a sample file you can send to ? I believe this will also be effected by the active render engine so let us know which one you’re using as well please. Be sure to send the textures too for the sample.

Hi Brian,
Is this a question for Mikael or for whom? I guess you replied to the topic… if you ask something from a specific person its better to reply to a post on discourse. We don’t have a treeview here :slight_smile:

Tobias, Why wouldn’t Mikael simply respond to Brian’s post with an attachment? Or a link, I mean, until we get attachments working.


Hi Pascal,
Honestly, I don’t know… maybe Mikael doesn’t know if Brian asked him to send files (that wasn’t clear for me either).

Somehow it also looks like something has changed on discourse. Last days, if I hit [Reply] on a post there was a link in the title bar where you could see to which post you replied. If you clicked it that post unfolded (I hope you know what I mean). That seems to be gone… so now there’s no indication if you replied to the topic or an individual post.

thx, Tobias

Hi Tobias,

I should have been more clear…

Do you have a sample file that illustrates your question? Please send this into

If you also have a sample file that illustrates your question regarding Vray, please send that to us too. I don’t have Vray running at the moment due to some dongle error but can try and get it working to help if you need. The Vray support folks may also have some advice on the topic, although I believe that missing textures would be found if placed in the same directory as the 3dm file regardless of the previously used local path.

Hi Brian,

I just sent an email with a sample file to Hope this helps.

Also in your original response I can tell the question was directed toward me (OP).


Hi Mikael,

Good news and bad news as they say… I just responded to the tech email.

In short, the texture names didn’t match between the materials and the referenced textures in the attached folder. So you can get them to show up in Rendered mode with a little renaming. The Vrml export still has a problem though even after fixing the name mismatch but I need to get some developer feedback before knowing why exactly. More to come…

Thanks, just a simple string substitution rename of the textures in bridge does the trick.

Hi @BrianJ,

I have received a file with the texture images sent separately in a folder. And the link in the materials are referring to a directory on the senders company server. Is there any way to quickly relink them? I can of course do it one by one. But it is a very tedious task.

I’ve tried the suggestions above but does not work in my case.

Thank you in advance!

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Hi Emil,

What render plugin are you using and is it the same as what the file was set up to use? Having texture files in the same location as the 3dm and not in a sub-folder should work in most cases in my experience but there may be something special here. If I could see the 3dm, the texture files and know what renderer you’re using I may be able to help more.

Hi, Thank you for your fast reply!

Not using any render plugins, we use the materials and textures when creating files for ArchiCAD/Revit/SketchUP. Using the Rhino Plugin Lena, from BIMobject.
Could I send you the files because I can’t upload them here publicly.

Best regards

Send to or use putting all the files in one zip folder and referencing this forum thread in the comments.

I don’t have experience with Lena or BIMobject if those are required.