Relink missing textures

I’ve already looked in Google and here in the forum with no luck, is there a way to specify a folder and relink all the maps automatically? Like the “relink bitmaps” in 3ds or in Blender?

RenderReportMissingImageFiles command should help with this.


Hello Nikolay, I knew this option… the problem is that when there are multiple image files missing I have to relink one by one, I am looking for a quicker way to do :slight_smile:

yes, and I guess “bulk replace” could be what I’m looking for!

You can select multiple files in the editor (under the same folder), and click repath. That will pop a dialog to select a folder, instead of individual file paths, and the result will be repathing all selected files

Alternatively, add your paths to the Rhino search paths list.

This will persist in your settings, and must be done before opening the model file.