Material Setup compared to Flamingo

Hi Nathan;
I just don’t seem to be able to grasp the cycles rendering mehedology at all. After years of using Flamingo and the default render engine in Rhino 5 and previous releases, this method new to me but likely familiar to others I find to be nearly unusable except for certain model positions and only with a white background. I can’t seem to find a good water material such as the one found in the last version of Flamingo for a ground plane, although I am thankful to you for passing on sample as you have. All in all, I am perplexed. I’ve attached the simplest of models to help explain my frustration; it’s a sphere that has been split at the ground level so as to apply two different colors: dark red and gold. The on screen rendering and the final rendering are shown along with the render settings panel. Also when I bring in a more complex model such as one of my completed boat designs, I often get a semi-transparent look to the hull when rendering with only the skylight on at low intensity settings. I’ve attached a screen shot of that as well. Lately I love to model and hate to render! Cheers, Rob

I’m not sure what I’m looking at in the first screenshot. Is either of the results correct, or neither? What do you expect to see?

The first screenshot shows Rhino Render in the render window, and in the viewport I see Rendered viewport mode. These two won’t always agree. To get the same between viewport and Rhino Render you need to use the Raytraced viewport.

That view looks like Rendered viewport mode.

Can you please share the boat with me so I can further investigate and make suggestions based on it? You can upload to me via Rhino - Upload to Support .