Flamingo nXt 5 - Rhino 6


I’ve recently upgraded from Rhino 3/ flamingo 1 to the latest versions, unfortunately.

I’ve been struggling to get a feel for NXT it seems glitchy and cumbersome. I’ve followed several tutorials - (only available for older versions) and still having trouble getting basic things to happen. Couple of examples:

  • Environments dont render as a background in nxt (but they do in rhino).

  • carbon fibre material - the texture is scaled at about 100x what it should be and I can’t for the life of me see where to edit it…

  • If I set the viewport to ‘rendered view’ I get a great preview with environments and materials correct - when I render in flamingo nxt it looks nothing like it.

I’m sure it must be operator error - but tutorials are not helping me sort the problems out - is there any help out there? any ideas what might be going wrong?


Can you give a hand here please?

Hi John,

Yes any help woud be appreciated - like I said I’m trying to render, I’m getting a great ‘rendered view’ in my viewport but the carbon material isn’t at the right scale… any ideas?


Rendering is not my area of expertise.
That’s why I asked @scottd to take a look.

There are a lot of differences between Flamingo 1 and Flamingo 5. There are also many differences with Rhino and rendering. It will take a while to figure this out.

What type of rendering are you doing? What style of objects?

The Render preview will not match Flamingo, so you need to be careful relying on it. The Rhino 6 render preview is not calibrated to Flamingo.

Material mapping is no set on the object most of the time, not in the material. We would have to look at the exact situation you have to take a look. There are also Rhino materials and Flamingo materials. You will have better result using Flamingo materials.

You can send the model to tech@mcneel.com and I can take a look.

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Hi Scott,

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘what type of rendering’ and ‘what style of objects’.

I have a standard rhino model. I have assigned ‘carbon fibre’ from the only available material library -

C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Localization\en-US\Render Content

I have tried assigning the material to the layer the object is on and to the object only with the same result. I have picked ‘StudioA’ as the environment.

The ‘rendered view’ looks correct and it renders correctly (including environments) using Rhino but when rendering in flamingo the carbon weave appears extremely large.

If I physically scale the model up - the render material scales in relation to the model with a rhino render but in flamingo the material stays looking extra large.

Please respond as to a simpleton.


Select the object and go to material mapping. There is a place there you can set the mapping repeat values. If you set that to 2,2,2 then there times will be half the size. Experiment with that number until it rendered correctly.

Does that seem to make a difference when rendering? Don’t worry about what it looks like in the viewport.


In the materials tab I have carbon fibre selected and the object selected - under ‘mapping’ I can edit the offset, size and rotation - doing so changes the look of the preview and rhino renders but does nothing to renders in nXt

Right, the preview and Flamingo can get out of sync. Both render engines use a very different mapping scheme. Although you should have the tools to change the mapping.

Can you send the object to us? I can see why it is not changing.


I have messaged you with a test model that has the problem described.