V-ray Next for Rhino release renderings

Hi all!
I am happy to show you two of my renderings published on the chaosgroup website and on the software installer for the launch of V-ray next for rhino.
The projects are by my dear friend, the architect Federico Fernandez.
What do you think? :wink:


impressive work, especially the second!

I haven’t seen the winery (2nd) and also I find that one gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Do you use any advanced plugins for your work?

hmmm, how about a break down my dude :smiley:
Really impressive renderings.

Thank you all! :slight_smile:

@Jonish all you see is made in rhinoceros 5 + v-ray next.
there are some library assets, converted from max (trees and plants essentially).
The rest is nurbs.

@anon80626330 thank you!!
I’m thinking about it, maybe I’ll make a video on youtube as soon as I find the time :wink:


That’s encouraging, I was getting worried I would need to learn Substance / Quixel to keep up. :slight_smile:


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Honestly, it wouldn’t hurt to learn them! :smiley:
I had to work hard to make the soil, there is a blend with 3 materials and different masks to have the correct displacement. with quixel mixer or substance painter I would have saved myself a bit of headache! :smiley: