V7 seeing HUGE "spheres" of point light sources in reflections

Hi i’m doing some renderings in rhino 7.7 using Raytraced Cycles (Optix). When I render my scene, my point lights are appearing in the reflections as HUGE globes. Its kinda wierd and unfortunate given that my scene has a lot of mirrors.

I’m not sure how to deal with this, since any glossy surface is exhibiting the same behavior.

how are you lights placed? are they inside a can like real lights or just out in space?

They are out in space. I realized the diameter of the point light is inversely proportional to the shadow hardness setting. So I cranked it back up to 100% and they became tiny little dots again. Very stupid.

In RhinoCycles shadow intensity is indeed done through scaling the size of primitive lights.

Why doesn’t rhino cycles make the primitive light sources invisible in reflections ? Or is there a raytracing setting I’m missing ?

There is no setting. And by default Blender Cycles primitive lights show in reflections.

Seems like a major shortcoming in the construction of the primitive. if you use a v-ray generated point light in the cycles render it appears normally. i’m not sure how they physically (or virtually) achieve the soft shadow effect.

Currently we have multiple importance sampling enabled for all lights. Turning it off for a light with soft shadow would make it disappear in (at least sharp) reflections.

i know its a setting for blender but where is the setting for rhino ?

There is currently no UI for that. I was merely saying that if we had we could turn it off and then there would be no large light reflections anymore.

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