Rendering on viewport is different than rendering to file

New Rhino 6 user here. I have many questions but the pressing one is why is rendering on the viewport much different than when I save the rendering to file? The gloss materials on the rendered file (jpeg.tif,png) appears much more glossy and reflective.

Also, when the viewport is rendering in raytrace mode, can I expect the saved rendered file to look exactly like the raytraced viewport. I need some clarification on this.


Using the _Render command (that is the Render button on the toolbar) you’ll be using whatever the current render engine is. In Rhino 6 Rhino Render is the old render engine, so it won’t be the same. There you can use -_ViewCaptureToFile.

In Rhino 7 the default render engine Rhino Render is powered by the same as the Raytraced mode. That means that using _Render yields the same result as the Raytraced mode.

Thanks jester. So the recommendation is to upgrade to 7 so I can sleep better at night?

If you want to use _Render and have it look the same as Raytraced then yes. But as said you can use -_ViewCaptureToFile if you want to stick to Rhino 6.