Rendering with Raytraced

How are we supposed to work with Raytraced Rendering?

When I switch to Raytraced Mode and pause the rendering process I would like to use the command “view capturetotfile” to export the current render status without background into a jpg/png file. But when I use “viewcapturetofile” it takes 20 minutes to export the image. Is there something I do wrong?

Probably not.

Are you rendering at the same resolution as the viewport? How many samples? Memory already maxed out?

On the Mac there is currently no GPU accelleration.

It takes forever also if the render is already finished. It looks like once you want to save the render over “viewcapturetofile” the render process starts again :((

A quick fix could be to use ScreenCaptureToFile instead. It basically extracts the current viewport.

normally, this should only be the case if you are changing the resolution settings to sth different than it was rendering in… but I remember having experienced the same issue

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In Rhino 7 you’d not use Raytraced for your final renderings but instead switch it to some other mode, then use _Render with the default renderer Rhino Render. This is the same engine as Raytraced. You won’t run in the case of having two sessions running at the same time (unless you have a viewport in Raytraced).

ViewCaptureTo* commands will start a new render if any of the following is true:

  1. resolution is different from viewport
  2. background setting (i.e. transparency) is different from viewport
  3. requested sample count is larger than what viewport is currently at

Are the Raytraced settings and the Render Settings with Rhino Render exactly the same? So I should get the same result without changing anyting, right? If that would be the case that would be logical and simple to understand and use.

In Rhino 7 they are exactly the same between Rhino Render and Raytraced, indeed.

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Very helpful, thanks Nathan!