Rhino 7 Rendering

I’m trying to improve my rendering skills with the default render engine. I’m using a hdr image for the lighting and a pbr material for the plastic. Any tips on how to boost the realism on this?

Here’s the file.Render-Test-plastic.3dm (11.0 MB)

Depends on what you’re shooting for. Got any reference images?

My renders feel very flat and I can’t quote put my finger on what it is.
Maybe something along these lines?

Well, if you want that clear plastic you need to take a much lighter color for your plastic. The gray you have chosen blocks a lot of light.

For the plastic something like this

And to get the highlight on the orange base you need lighting, say a rectangular light placed appropriately:

How are you getting that sharp highlight? I can’t seem to get that

It is a rectangular light, quite thin. And in this case I placed it quite low. You can see the rectangular light on the left of the second screen capture - in both the top and right views visible.