Rendering in Rhino with Quadro M1000M!

Hi everyone this is my first post. Am a lenovo workstation fan and i want your opinion on a P50 model.
Am going to order the P50 with the basic configuration to do some render not heavy load work. I have a Lenovo thinkstation for heavier scenes. My concern is if the quadro card and the i7 will do the job.

Processor : i7-6700HQ
Ram : 16gb
Drive : 256 SSD
Video : Quadro M1000M

Has anyone used the thinpad with these specs to render in Rhino?

Thank you all.

Hi Kiterule,
The i7 and the new M1000 should be nothing less than very capable, even on complex scenes.

Hi Holo,
thank you for the info! i will add also another 8gb in a total of 16

I just ordered a P50 with the xeon processor and 4k display. Will be able to give an opinion in a couple weeks. Its the M2000M though.

Are there any standard benchmarks to run in Rhino?

You can try out the Holomark2, it can be downloaded from Food4Rhino here:

(It’s been downloaded close to 2000 times before I moved it to Food4Rhino. some scores can be found here:

( I have not taken the time to organize them)

Don’t have a dream to work rendering on any notebook, unless you make a very simple model!

A workstation laptop handles rendering quite well, but it needs cooling, so place it on a few “feet” or buy a cooling pad. And don’t buy a “cheap” laptop that isn’t built for heavy loads over longer times. The Lenovo P50 has a dual coolingsystem that should do the job very well.

Hi KiteRule,

did you end up getting the p50 model and how has it worked with rhino and rendering so far?

your reply will be highly appreciated

thank you

Hi Erica

the P50 performs excellent. I strongly suggest it. I use win7 64 bit. I update my lenov desktop to win 10 and i regret it. So keep it simple.
Rhino works great and i also use V-ray for my renderings

Hi Kiterule,

Thank you so much for the information and tips, that really helps. If I may ask one more question,

Do you happen to be familiar with the cheaper alternative, p50s? Do you think it will be good enough to run rhino?

It has similar processor, and same ram and drive capabilities, but my main concern is that it has a lower graphic cad NVIDIA M500M 2GB compared to M1000M 2GB/4GB that you got for p50. do you think the m500m will affect rhino operation and v-ray rendering significantly?

Thank you

am not sure to be honest but it seems that m500 might be an older card. check benchmarks just to be sure.
whats the price difference?

It’s basically

(P50s)M500M 2GB

it has 348 CUDA
64 bit memory interface
14.4gb/sec memory bandwidth

while (P50)M1000M 4GB

it has 512 CUDA
128 bit memory interface
80gb/sec memory bandwidth

not really sure if it affects the rhino performance. price difference is around $800 at the moment

800 is a lot , depends what kind of work you wanna do. If you just wanna use rhino then its fine. If you wanna do some nice renders then i suggest you get the M1000M model. i went for the M1000M configuration because i wanted to be able to work without any issues while being mobile. I do have a lenovo desktop workstation for the heavier jobs but i also work with the P50. Realtime rendering while working on the model works perfectly


Would you mind posting your HoloMark score? Especially after Holo himself has answered your question… I am thinking about getting a P50 with similar configuration of yours.

Thanks so much!