Rendering for Rhino Mac

Can anyone recommend software for Mac Rhino that can work as a plugin to Rhino? If not, is there software available that can import Rhino models easily/ usefully? I’ve got Maxwell (which does yet plug in to Rhino Mac), and trying to import models to it is truly daunting.

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Have you tried Keyshot?

Tried Simlab, and it was promising, but kept crashing. Never got anywhere with Keyshot. Any other ideas out there?

Can you show us an example of the kind of images and quality you expect to make?

I found Maxwell works pretty well, but you really need to organise your Rhino file with it in mind. Grouping and layering everything by material, for example, so you can easily regroup them in Maxwell.
The other thing I found, using the default OBJ export, was that I had to scale everything down in Maxwell. I think it was something like 0.0001, before I could get any predictable results.
I have also had reasonable results with Kerkythea, which has the the advantage of being free…