Best Rendering software


Does anyone recommend any rendering software for Rhino. I was told to look at Keyshot and that looks pretty good but wanted to see if anything else was comparable

I have been using FluidRay RT on the Mac side & Windows. The Mac version is not integrated … yet :smile:

Price point is a lot better than Keyshot and it is easy to learn with lots of tutorials on their site.

You could also take a look at Maxwell. As with everything - there is no plugin for Rhino on Mac yet but the standalone runs on Mac.

Remember that rendering software is like a shirt or a pair of shoes - you have to try them and see if one is right for you!

As a Student I can youse the cheap Versions and testing some Render Engines :smile:

Keyshot is for me a “Quick and dirty” software. It is enough for 95% of “Product design visualization”. But It is not the best software to create rendering with a “own Style” I think you can recognize if a rendering is out of Keyshot in 80%.

I think the best photorealistic results you can produce with maxwell. In this Software you can use photographer knowledge to produce very good renderings. But to create good scenes you must spend a lot of time for creation and rendering.
A disadvantage of Maxwell is that you can’t use Any Tricks like a invisible Plane with shadows on it. The Engine is physically correct.

These both Solutions has own studio softwares and you don’t need a Plugin…

but hopefully next time we can Use Plugins like Brazil, Penguin, V-Ray and something more to don’t must go outside Rhino to render.

FluidRay RT 1.2.0 released, you can get it here.

This release has a series of bug fixes and speed improvements, and most of all, includes an integration plugin for Luxology Modo, both Windows and Mac.

Check out the Modo Integration Video here.

Serious? An advertisement in a thread? An absolut NoGo <- my opinion.
Where is the RhinoMac Plugin of Fluidray. <- if you finished this, you can make a new “good” post in this thread.

I would have understood if it was placed in an own Topic totally about Fluidray.