Maxwell plug-in for Rhino for Mac unsuccesful

Hi! I’m having trouble installing Maxwell plug-in for my Mac. I want to use it with Rhino. When I press setup.exe or vcredist_x64.exe it says Windows application can’t be installed. I thought I chose Mac OS X as platform when downloading but now I’m not so sure. Any help, please?

The Maxwell stand-alone application is available for Mac and that is probably what you (also) downloaded. There is no plug-in for Rhino for Mac yet as the foundation on which to build such plug-in is not yet available to the Maxwell developers.

So you can render with Maxwell but for the time being you need to use the stand-alone.

If you are using a file called setup.exe, i’m pretty darn sure you downloaded the windows setup file. A Mac file would most likely have an extension of .dmg

Ok, thanks! Any tips how I should now continue to rendering? I have made an object in Rhino and would like to add material and render it. I made obj-file but when I try to open it in Maxwell studio it does not appear on the window. I have used V-Ray in school but that doesn’t work on my Mac and I just need to get a few nice pictures of the lamps I designed.

have you tried the renderer that’s in rhino? it’s not as full-featured as maxwell but still possible to get decent images…

there’s a menu with all the rendering stuff… lights, materials, settings, etc.

If you import that file into Rhino, do you get your objects then?