Render Plug-ins

I use Rhino for Mac for building Architectural Models.
I have privously used Maxwell render and V-ray, in windows for rhino and as plug-in for other modeling tools in MacOS, but they do not currently have a working plug-in for Rhino for Mac
I’ve got some specific needs for render tools but as of now I have a hard time finding Render Plug-in that work for Rhino for Mac, does anyone have any recommendations or a list of compatible plug-ins?

Not sure if that means that you have followed the conversation on Maxwell 4 for Rhino Mac…

I haven’t but that looks and sounds like great news for the foreseeable future.

I am though in need for a working render for MacOS ASAP.
At the low level of renders we currently do before post, combined with our workflow, the benefits of learning a new render tool would greatly exceed constantly changing OS just for renders.

Just to make sure… Maxwell 4 for Rhino Mac is available now. The integration has not come as far as the Windows version but that will come when Rhino Mac has matured.

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