Calling on all Designers for some Advise

To make the long story short I graduate on the 12th of this month. Like most of y’all i have models in solidworks, inventor, revit, fusion360. I am putting together my portfolio and I really want to raise the bar…
I switched to rhino6 as I could not afford any of the other software and I am loving it!!! here are pictures of my models that need to be rendered and displayed in printed and digital form… I looked at the Vray and Lumios plugins, since I am not an interior designer nor an architect should I look for plugins under industrial design?
Also If i make something using my schools computers and I try to work from home on my macbook pro will the files open?
Last but not least is there anything else or other configurations for the specs of my laptop?

Wishing you all an awesome season of harmony peace and creativity wherever the drive finds y’all


I personally work with the Maxwell Plugin and Maxwell (Studio) for Rhino mac (The Plugin is not the best …)
I also use a Macbook pro. But I used it only to generate the scenes, make the right settings and render some previews. For the final rendering I upload my files to a Renderfarm like “Rebus” or something else. Here you can hire render power. It is a cheap and fast solution for a longer life of your MacBook :slight_smile: There you can Render with many Render engines an it is quite simple. The payment is via prepaid.

Rhino + Maxwell + Renderfarm (+Affinity for some Postwork stuff) is for me the best way to get high quality outputs also for my customers. Maxwell looks a little bit complex but I thing it is not so heavy to learn it.