Rendering foam

I’ve been working on improving my water renderings. I’ve dredged the internet for help on how to make my water look more realistic in Flamingo and am pretty happy with the result.

I would like to be able to add foam to my renderings, preferably without having to dive into photoshop. Is there any way in Flamingo to programmatically adjust material properties on individual mesh faces? My ocean surface is a mesh so for instance if I wanted all of the mesh faces with normals less than 45 degrees from the horizontal plane (Steep waves) to be a different material to mimic foam could I do that?

I’ve tried using a “blend” material with the mapping rotated to the YZ plane but the results just aren’t that great.

Any ideas that people have would be appreciated.


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I’m not aware of anyway to do that in Flamingo.
Flamingo is primarily aimed are architectural rendering so it isn’t quite photorealistic, and it has architectural materials, plants, trees, and ground covers.

I have seen effective boat renderings but they generally rendered the ship and Photoshopped it into a background image that had the sort of wake and sea conditions they wanted to show.