Flamingo 5 Slight Issues - Ground Plane + Missing Surfaces

Hey Guys,

Just started trying out Flamingo 5,

One major thing I’ve just noticed is that when I apply water ocean to the ground plane it no longer gives a nice watery looking surface but rather just slightly rippled.

Also it seems to be a bit hit and miss at picking up surfaces. So far it seems to be a slight step backwards from NXT 4.

Another note, 5.0 changed all my material names and added -Flamingo after it, so when I reverted to 4.0 I had to manually re-select the materials for each layer.

I’ve attached an example of the difference of what I have produced with each renderer: If anyone has some suggestions for getting 5.0 up and going well I’m all ears.

Cheers, Tom.

Flamingo 4.0 Render

Flamingo 5.0 Render

Also to add to the issues, It would seem that I can’t assign my layers back to the XNT 4 materials, which is very annoying.

I’m just starting out testing this as well and was searching for some answers about Flamingo 5 water material. It is a huge step backward for boat/ship renderings, so hopefully this is just not a mature feature yet. I do like that the ground plane can be seen in the model prior to rendering though.

I also noticed missing rendered surfaces and could fix it by closing and reopening the model.

The new material model is not 2-way compatible with Flamingo NXT. So once you open with Flamingo NXT 5, there is an initial translation. But after that initial conversion the two products are independent of each other. You can switch between on and the other, but they will not sync materials and other settings.

The groundplane material setting we will need to look at. I am testing that now.

The groundplane issue seems to be a problem with the Bump values in the material. We are looking into it. Thank you for the report.

HI Scott,

Just noticed there has been a couple of updates sent out for NXT 5.0 so I updated my program. Seems to be a large improvement!

I couldn’t seem to find a changelog through, is there a public one?

Keep up the good work!

Nice water! I always liked Flamino water.