Flamingo marine rendering help


I am trying to create a really nice rendering of the fly bridge of my model. I don’t want a rendered shot of the whole thing, because it isn’t finished, more of a close up of specific areas of the fly bridge. I am having trouble figuring out which settings to use for an exterior shot, in the water, with the sun and sky. Whenever I use Flamingos sky settings, it creates a very white, bright horizon between the sky and the water. I would prefer it to be more sky colored. I am also confused about the sky setting and environment setting. If I want the environment to be a sky, would I have both turned on? I have tried using hdri but they create a very distorted, pixelated backgrounds. What are good marine-type settings for Flamingo nxt?


I would leave the lighting on Studio and change the HDR to something higher resolution than the ones that ship with nXt. In the following sample I used the one I posted here… http://www.food4rhino.com/materials-textures/mt-monadnock

Then use some depth of field and a rubble texture on a default metal material for the water. You can turn the Sun on in the nXt advanced lighting options, but you’ll need to also adjust the brightness in the nXt render window>adjust image settings.

nXt_Ocean_scene.3dm (217.8 KB)


Hi Brian,

how do you create the nxt_Ocean_Scene.3dm? Any video or steps to do so?
Do seek for your help.