Rendering an extruded mesh?

I’m having trouble with rendering.

When I export a mesh that has been extruded, it doesn’t render properly.

I have exported the model as a dwg into Revit to render. However the extruded mesh has a ‘stretched’ appearance when I try to render. Basically the render pattern just looks stretched/skewed.

Can I change the mesh lattice so that it is not ‘stretched’ or ‘elongated’ in appearance?

Hope it makes sense, let me know if not please.

Many thanks.

If you have NURBS geometry of the extrusion prior to exporting it as a mesh, you can use the Mesh command to define a specific density. If on the other hand you only ever had a mesh, you probably need to rebuild the mesh with more polys. You could use the Weaverbird add-on in Grasshopper for this… if you are using Rhino 5 for Windows.