Exporting meshes vs polysurfaces as .stl

Hi all,

In Rhino, Why when I export a mesh (in red) for .stl, I don’t get the dialogue box to adjust - offset settings?

on the other hand, When I export an extrusion - polysurfaces (in blue), I do get the STL Mesh Export Options?

Is it simple as “you cannot adjust a Mesh that’s already a Mesh”? But that’s why I would like, adjust the density of a mesh for instance. I guess I’m looking for a more complex or an answer that makes more sense.

See pictures and file.

Thank you for any help.

mesh vs extrusion export stl.3dm (178.8 KB)

Is it simple as “you cannot adjust a Mesh that’s already a Mesh”?

Yes, I’m afraid it is that simple. Remeshing or refining a mesh is not trivial, and currently not supported in Rhino.

Awesome, I can sleep happy now. But there’s hope “…currently not supported”.

Thank you.

It is possible to simplify a mesh but not automatically refine one (to add details or increase curvature). Is it the latter or the former you are after?

Both, depending on the context and the source: Grasshopper - Cad - Hummingbird - Waverbird. I’m using the ReduceMesh command for now. Thanks for your replies.

By pure coincidence, I read this article about re-meshing with Plankton and Kangaroo. It may be useful, as you are mentioning Grasshopper…

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Thanks, You went above and beyond on this one. It really helps.