Rendering an Asphalt road that is a dodgy surface

Hi Guys, I have posted a few questions of late regarding rendering in Rhino 6 WIP. One of the issues is trying to get the texture of this with the lines etc to follow the surfaces. On the long straight section its no problem but the intersection is an issue. My surface is dreadful, made up of 3 sweep 2 rail surfaces, joined its doesn’t work and not joined is also a problem. If anyone can be bothered to look at the model and help me out I would be most appreciative. Am I correct in assuming that the lines are best added in Photoshop? Thanks in advance, surfaces and texture jpg included. By the way is building the surface this way correct or is there a better way? BTW this surface is based on real world survey marks down the road edges.



Asphalt Road.3dm (2.9 MB)

Your geometry here is quite complex, more so than it needs to be I think. You should rebuild your roads as simple as you can, and make sure that your topology looks as relaxed and clean as possible.

Further I’d try setting up your road so that the junction is separate from your roads so that you can texture them all accordingly.

Here a very much simplified example and very quickly thrown together. With some more work on the textures you should get pretty good results.

JunctionExamplev5.3dm (573.9 KB)
JunctionExample.3dm (472.7 KB)

Thank you Nathan for taking the time to do this. The reason the surfaces are complicated is because I was using actual topographic points from my surveyorThey are not all on a single plane and as you can imagine the real asphalt road is very random and bumpy. I will rebuild and simplify.

I understand your problem. I’d try to create as clean geometry as possible. You want inner edges that are as perpendicular to the outer edges as possible. The most problematic part(s) are those with very skewed geometry

Good are parts like this


I leave it to those who actually know how to do proper surface modelling to come up with steps to get you to that point :slight_smile:

@pascal, any good ideas?