Rhino for Mac Textures issues (again)

Hi Guys,
I am having issues still with textures. My model is 1gb and spread over 10,000m2. I am dying trying to do the road, which is based on my surveyors real world plotting. As I have said in a previous post I have had a massive learning curve on working out the best way to build certain surfaces, I have hacked my way through and learnt a tonne in the process, and still I have had to use way more surfaces joined than I know I should have. However, I am back to the textures and rendering again. I’m stuck with Rhino Render in WIP and 5.4 for Mac so… This damn road and markings is killing me. Through a lack of understanding of surface production I have ended up with a hack job on the road and the fundamental floors of applied textures and their inherent mis-scaling and orientation is ruining everything. I could do this in Photoshop but really want to better my skills in Rhino. How can i fix this. Thanks in advance … Stu

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BTW, My ground plane is custom as my real world project is on a slope. without that hack job surface/groundplane the lights simply made all black due to the lack of bounce…8 years on this software and I still feel like a baby. Wow. Admittedly in the last 6 months I have learnt more than the last 7 years thanks to this forum and some of the McNeel tuts…Please disregard the standing seam metal roof orientation, Im still learning that damn applied Texture command. What seems to be my simplest solution to this and all my stone walls is to create a different named texture for every single object. I have literally hundreds of materials in my model now. Hack job master.

If you export your roads to a new 3dm file and attach that I’m sure users will be able to give some good advice.

I did…no takers unfortunately

I don’t see a file attached in this thread…

He posted a simplified model here:

Ah, didn’t realize. I had actually downloaded that sample, but got bogged down with other work, then subsequently forgot about this. Answering in the other thread.