Curved Surfaces

Hi, I am using Rhino to model roads that are essentially extruded curved polysurfaces. When I render the surfaces they end up looking very jagged and unappealing. I would appreciate some ‘best model practices’ to keep this from happening.

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there are 2 suggestions i can add. one is that you display mesh needs some increasing. in the sidebar under objects chose custom mesh and set it higher. the 2nd issue is, if you have very large maps or a large field which you worked on meaning that parts are very far from the center of the construction plane then this will also happen. if you cant resolve this issue you may just drag and drop a file or a part of it into the reply field.

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thanks for your help, can’t solve the issue.

Test.3dm (5.1 MB)

if you try to find your cplane somewhere very tiny in the middle of this space and see how large the streets are compared to it, you will understand that my 2nd suggestion will apply. the streets are faaar beyond the center of the cplane and are very very large.

shrink the streets down significantly, then use a denser display mesh then use RefreshShade then you will see that they are all ok, meaning its just the display mesh. i understand this may make it a bit difficult to work sometimes.

so either you work like that further or you change your scale of the streets.

Test.3dm (8.7 MB)

gotcha… i also found that converting everything to a mesh solved the problem as well.

thanks for your help!