Rendering a tree with all detail goes wrong, - Vray -


i try rendering the tree you can find in the file
with all the nice little leaves details but when i render it
all the leaves from the tree are very primitive surfaces and dont look like in the render view

what i do wrong ?

i hope someone knows where is the problem
the tree i have from the program lands design

bäume test.3dm (2.7 MB)

thanks, micha

I opened the file and the leaves hasn’t any material applied on it.

Have you imported the model?
If yes, have you created the material and assigned to the leaves?
if yes, have you set-up the Diffuse-Color with the leave (color) image and the Diffuse-Transparency with the mask (black&white) image?

If none of the previous it’s correct could be useful to have a screenshot of the render you get and the texture of the leave you are using.

Side note: V-Ray doesn’t like CMYK color in any way, be sure to have your textures as RGB.

hope to help you

hi riccardo, the file ist not imported,
i work with the plugin lands design.
you can see in the picture that the materials are on the tree
but when i render the texture are away.
when i render it with flamingo its fine. but i need vray …

Flamingo’s procedural trees can’t be exported to anything else…of course after saying that I read that Lands can generate high-poly trees for export. Have you followed the directions for doing that?

James it’s right,
Flamingo and V-Ray doesn’t share materials so you can’t aspect to be able to create tree for Flamingo and be able to render-it with V-Ray.

As I said you have to (export the meshes) and then apply the material to the tree.
Generally talking could be fast enough because Flamingo doesn’t use compressed image so if you find it in you hdd you can use it directly.

Maybe ask to the ASUNI @carlosperez if they have any plan on making it compatible with V-Ray.


I don’t think this is planned, but @scottd and @Andy might have better info tan me.

BTW, I don’t work at Asuni, but at McNeel Europe :frowning:


Ok, sorry you was the nearest person I know to the ASUNI :wink:

Well, I think Asuni (developers of Lands for Rhino) cannot do much here, as the procedural trees come from Flamingo. Anyway, you could start a discussion at


I think your problem is due to the fact that VRay is ignoring the transparency maps and the alpha channel of the Rhino materials. If the background color of the leaves’ image map is green, and the transparency is ignored, the result is a green polygon instead of the silhouette of a leaf.

This problem was reported to VRay developers, and they fixed it. Since version 1.50.225 VRay is applying both, the transparency maps and the alpha channel of the image maps, when Rhino materials are used.

So, I think you just need to update your VRay version. Let me know if I’m wrong.